Surf Lessons

It seems like everyone is trying to give surf lessons these days. At Nosara Surf Academy we realize it takes more than just pushing you into waves and hooting “great job” to make a good instructor.

  • All Nosara Surf Academy instructors are trained and certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA), the surfing communities governing body.
  • We have daily surf lessons for all levels.
  • Surf lessons are 90 minutes long.
  • We offer private and group lessons for all ages.

At  Nosara Surf Academy we break our surf lessons into 3 different levels:

Beginner Level 1

This level is meant for the person who has never surfed before, or has surfed a few times. During this level of instruction we first focus on the basic parts of the surfboard, and important terms you will need to know for your first lesson. We then cover all the basic safety tips including board control, how to fall off your board, how to deal with other surfers, and the particular wave conditions for that day. Next we teach you our 3-step “pop-up” technique along with the 4 paddling disciplines. You will never leave the “whitewater” during this level.

Advanced Beginner Level 2

During this level of instruction we focus on giving the student more freedom and control over catching their own waves. You will be taught how to select your own wave, turn your board to catch the wave, and stand up and ride the wave all unassisted. This is also time to start talking about and working on turning and maneuvering your own surfboard once you are up and riding. You will also begin to practice the technique needed to move out past the whitewater to the outside. Once you are catching and riding waves consistently on your own, it’s time to move on to the next level.

Intermediate Level 3

During this level of instruction you will be taught how to paddle “outside” safely and efficiently. Once on the outside, you will be taught how to judge waves and sets coming in, position yourself to catch a wave, and to surf “down the line” of a wave riding the open face part of the wave and not the whitewater. You will also cover surf ettiquette. One of the worst things you can do as an intermediate surfer is “drop-in” on another surfers wave. Surf etiquette is a very important part of this level of instruction.

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